Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You are Not Alone

Something that I have always known and felt throughout my life, that I am ever so grateful for and I know is a true Gift from God is the realization of God's Love for me. And even further more, the feeling of His Loving Presence with me always, in the real Person of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, Who walks with me right by my side as my Best Friend and lives within my very being.

No matter how old we might be, we will always be children of God, and knowing that, we can find great comfort and Hope in realizing that in Life we have the Paternal Care of our Heavenly Father to guide us and lead us in all ways on the path that ultimately leads us to our eternal Home in Heaven.

We are all pilgrims here on this earth and every new day is a Gift from God... a brand new chance to awake and be very thankful for the precious Gift of Life that God has given us and His endless Love for us. Every new day is a chance to praise Him for His Love and walk with Jesus as His disciple, learning more and more how to be like Him in all we do.

We can also find great comfort and Hope in knowing and trusting that we are never, ever alone in life no matter how much we might be fooled into believing that we are at times. God is always with us, and in us and so is Jesus, as is the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother Mary. We also have with us, the guarding and inspiring presence of God's angels with us as well and prayers of the saints who have gone before us and are now in Heaven with God.

So, if ever you are feeling alone... please know that you are not alone... but Loved and cared for, guided and protected by Heaven's Love and embrace!

Say a special prayer today to God and Jesus for their great Love for us and for walking with you always... and imagine Them with you in a very real and authentic way. For you are blessed and Loved and cherished by Them more than you may ever know!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank You Lord For Blessing Me!

                                                    Thank You, Lord... for Blessing Me! "  :)