Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty


I heard a beautiful quote once, very long ago, that really stayed with me all these years because I was struck by the beauty and truth of it. The quote, by John Keats is this...
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty." When I think of these words today... and contemplate all the Beauty I see, created by our Beautiful Creator, our Beautiful God... the Divine Author of Beauty... I can't help but remember this special quote and be touched again, by the breath of God, really, that is so obviously present in the Beauty I see!

Our Beautiful Savior, Jesus, is very Beautiful... in every single way!  He is The Way, The  Truth and the Life and He leads us on towards the eternal Beauty of Heaven. His words are Beautiful... they are Spirit and Life... and even give new Life to all who hear them and allow them to take root and bloom within their hearts!

You are Beautiful too... because God created you in His very own image and likeness, which is so very Beautiful... Love! May you always remember that, because it's really true! :)


Find A Friend In Hope!

In times of great Joy... have Hope in the Lord.  In times of great sorrow... all the more, Hope in the Lord. In times of difficulty and pain... Hope in the Lord. In times of trouble and uncertainty... still Hope in the Lord. In times of betrayal and unjustice... have Hope in the Lord... in times of disbelief... still Hope in the Lord. In times of deep happiness and celebration, remember to Hope in the Lord. In times of newness and new life... Hope in the Lord. In times of weakness... Hope in the Lord.  In times of transition... Hope in the Lord. Everyday, always, no matter what... no matter where... remember always to Hope in the Lord!

Hope is an anchor for our soul, we are told in Sacred Scripture! It grounds our hearts and souls in it's two best friends... Faith & Love.  All three are very important to our spiritual life and with Love being the greatest of all three... Hope encourages us to Love even more... and gives us wings to fly... it sets us free from the momentary expeirence we are in to dream bigger and have more Faith in God to create beautiful miracles in our lives.

Hope is a true gift from God, one of which if I didn't have, I just can't even imagine how I would ever survive in this world that will test our Faith, bring trails and tribulations our way, challenge our courage and at times, bring us to our knees in sorrow... (just to name a few).

And the wonderful thing about Hope is, it seems to me that the more we have of it...the more it grows and grows and grows... filling our hearts and souls with more of it, until we become people that are transformed so much so by the gift of Hope... that nothing or no one can ever take it from us, and like a dear best friend, Hope will always be there to bring us closer to God whenever we need it!  Just have Hope in the Lord... it's easy, and yet quite profound at the same time!

May God's Blessings and Gift of Hope well up from within you... and enliven your Faith & Love and bring you closer and closer to God!  :)

"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil."  ~Hebrews 6:19