Friday, December 10, 2010

To Be A Mother Is A Gift!

In six days, my precious, sweet, little Baby Girl will be nine months old... and I marvel at how much my life has changed and continues to be blessed in every way since the very day of her birth.  To be a mother is a Gift indeed, a precious Gift from God that I can never thank God enough for, though, I thank Him often, many times throughout each day for the greatest blessing of Motherhood.

My husband and I were blessed very early on in our marriage with the most beautiful Gift of our daughter... it was on our Hawaiian Honeymoon, to be exact that she was conceived, just about a month after we were married and finding out the Good News that day, that God had chosen us to become parents and that I was going to become a mother, by far was one of the happiest days of my life, next to my wedding day and the day of my daughter's birth!

My daughter brings my husband and I and our entire family such JOY and LOVE! She is just such a Blessing... and all children are, and yet, to us, she is the most precious of all. Being a stay at home mom, I cherish all the time we get to spend with one another through each and every, new day. Every waking moment is another wondrous miracle after another... whether it be waking up to the Gift of a new day and her joyous smile... our special time while feeding her, while I pray for her and our family, changing another of her diapers, (when I am especially reminded to whisper, yet another prayer of thanksgiving for her... as there is a plaque above her changing table that reads, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls"), or countless other times throughout the day, for every moment with my daughter is so sacred and beautiful and miraculous!

I have waited a long time for us... prayed endlessly for her... and now she is finally here with me and my husband and it's more than a dream come true! I so look forward to continuing to dream, pray and build our new lives together, with my husband and daughter, as a new wife, new mother and new woman of God!

My life has changed in every way... and for the best... and it just keeps getting better and better! My heart grows more and more and is filled with even more Love for God, my husband, my daughter, myself, my family, and all!

The best is yet to come!

Monday, December 6, 2010

God's Grace Keeps Us!

God's Grace is absolutely abundant and flows endlessly, beautifully and eternally from His Heavenly throne and most sacred Heart! His will for us, seeming an unseen mystery, becomes seen and known to us, as we pray to God more and more and seek to know and do His Holy Will in our lives!

I love this little saying and continue to find it to be very true in my life! "The will of God will never leave you where the Grace of God can not keep you!"

God's Will is forever leading us on the beautiful Path God's paved especially for us. God's gentle Voice of Love and Grace call us continually to seek God's Will and carry it out in our lives. And God's Spirit is with us and in us to help us do just that!

God's Grace is very real and strong... it's God's Eternal Gift to us... and enables us to do what we could never do for God on our own. It gives us the strength to be exactly who God's created us to be... magnificent in Christ! We are created and bound for greatness! May we call upon God's Grace within us... and trust in It to see us through. By doing so, we can truly make real our dreams... for God's given them to us for that to do! 

Blessings for a Grace-filled, beautiful day!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Come, Lord Jesus!

Advent is a time of great Grace from God. It's truly a sacred Gift and season that God gives us each year filled with His Light Divine, Grace, Hope Peace and Joy!  I love all the seasons of the Church, though, Advent seems to call to my heart more and more each year, as my heart cries out... "Come, Lord Jesus!" 

We who Love God and Love and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives long for Him in a way we long for no other. We long to hear His gentle, sweet voice calling our names, to draw closer to His Sacred Heart. We long to feel once again, the soft and gentle touch of His Grace we often feel when we pray to Him from the depths of our hearts with words that only He can hear and understand. We long to experience deeply the gift of our lives in a new and more profound way... to really feel what it's like to be living the most beautiful life God is calling us to live, the one He's especially created us to live. 

We can truly find those Gifts to cherish in our hearts throughout each new season that comes, bringing its own unique gifts, though, especially during Advent when Christ's Light is shining so brightly in our hearts and in God's heart as He longs to give us the most beautiful Gift of Himself, once again at Christmas. 

God's Love is very present during the Advent season and so is His Hope, Joy, Peace and Grace! With joyful hearts, we continue to await the coming of our Lord and Savior once again this Christmas to celebrate His birth. This sacred time, truly is a time of great transformation that holds miraculous and holy power to heal us and enable us of becoming the person we've always dreamed we could be! To truly live for Christ and have Christ live in us as well.

Come, Lord Jesus... and lead your people on the path You've made for us... the Path of Light, Hope, Joy, Love, Peace and Grace! We prepare our hearts and joyfully await your coming!!!

I pray that your Advent Journey will continue to be blessed with wonderful, beautiful Advent Light, Hope, Joy and Love! Many Blessings of God's Grace be with you and your family and all families during this Blessed and sacred time.