Tuesday, October 5, 2010

May God's Grace Be With You

Hello Friends! I feel inspired today to take a few sacred moments to pray for God's beautiful Grace to be upon you, upon me... upon us all! God's Grace is our eternal Gift from Him that strengthens us and enables us to do all things in Jesus Christ! It's God's power that He shares with us to allow us to rise high above the difficulties and things that seem impossible in this world and makes them possible with God and His Grace... (our Help from Heaven). 

We really must rely upon God's Grace in all we do, and ask for it very often throughout our days. God will give it to us time and time again, (He has plenty of it to give to us all and He never runs out of it!). God's Grace, like His Mercy and Love... flow endlessly from a fountain in His heart into our humble hearts when we seek Him! How Blessed we all are that God Loves us so much and wants to help us with all that we are trying to accomplish in our lives... the will of God... which we are called to carry out! 

Blessings of God's Grace be with you and upon you today and always as you live your life For Him! :) 

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