Thursday, August 11, 2011

God Loves You!

It's a very simple message... yet, very profound and quite powerful: "God Loves You!" Yes, He most certainly does. This is something that we may know in our mind and hearts, though, can often forget from time to time... and it's always good to be reminded of this, for it brings us back to our core essence... "Love!"

God is Love... and it is from Love from which we have come. We are born to Love... born to give Love... born to be Love and share Love! God's Love lives deep within our hearts and within our very beings... it's who we really are. God's Love is so much apart of us that nothing or no one could ever separate us from it, and we must remember this at all times and remember to remind ourselves and others of this as well when we forget it.

I pray that today, you will remember how very much God Loves you. You are His Beloved and you belong to Him. He holds you close to His heart... and His plans for your life and your future are full of Hope! Believe it, feel it and see all the miracles His Love is meant to manifest in your life.

Many Blessings in Christ!

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