Sunday, October 20, 2013

God Keeps His Promises!

God keeps His promises! He most certainly does. Sometimes it might take a while to bring them to fruition... sometimes it may feel like a lifetime has gone by before we see God's promises come to pass, though, when we cling to our Faith in Him and are persistent in Hope and prayer, we will surely see God's promises to us come to pass, we will never be disappointed by God when we seek to see our lives thru the eyes of Faith and try to see ourselves, our lives and others as God does... with eternal promise and Hope!

Nothing is impossible for God... I repeat, nothing!!! With God ALL things are possible... and there is nothing or nobody that can ever stand in God's way and prevent His will from coming to pass...what God has destined to be before the beginning of time, surely will come to pass in His own time and way... and then everyone will come to believe in His greatness, in His majesty, in His goodness and Love... and praise and glorify Him for never forgetting His precious children or the great promises He promised to them so long ago!

If you are at a place in your life where you feel like God might have forgotten about you, if you feel disheartened or your Hope is wearing thin, just know that you are not alone and God surely hasn’t forgotten you, or His promises to you. God is right there with you and is working mighty miracles behind the scenes at this very moment for your good and the good of all! If you let Him and continue to have lots of Faith in Him... He can take your situation and turn it around for the best, for God can transform even the ugliest, most horrific situation into the most beautiful, glorious situation that will bring Him glory and His Son, Jesus, Our Savior, Glory... just like He did for Jesus on the cross so long ago. Just think... if God can take he most horrific event of all time, (Jesus' dying on the cross), and turn it all around and transform it into the most beautiful, glorious event of all... the greatest miracle of all, don't you think that He can take your situation and do the same? Of course He can and will if you continue to have FAITH in HIM!

Reach out and take His hand reaching out to you... cling to it and Him and never let go... (ever!). He longs to show you and teach you His LOVE for you and just how mighty and miraculous He is by revealing to your His Loving will for your life and everyone involved! He has mighty, amazing miracles in store for you and yours!

You are in my prayers... and I look forward to hearing about all the many wonders and miracles God has done for you! Continue to keep your Faith in Him strong... and always remember... "All things are possible with God!"