Monday, December 6, 2010

God's Grace Keeps Us!

God's Grace is absolutely abundant and flows endlessly, beautifully and eternally from His Heavenly throne and most sacred Heart! His will for us, seeming an unseen mystery, becomes seen and known to us, as we pray to God more and more and seek to know and do His Holy Will in our lives!

I love this little saying and continue to find it to be very true in my life! "The will of God will never leave you where the Grace of God can not keep you!"

God's Will is forever leading us on the beautiful Path God's paved especially for us. God's gentle Voice of Love and Grace call us continually to seek God's Will and carry it out in our lives. And God's Spirit is with us and in us to help us do just that!

God's Grace is very real and strong... it's God's Eternal Gift to us... and enables us to do what we could never do for God on our own. It gives us the strength to be exactly who God's created us to be... magnificent in Christ! We are created and bound for greatness! May we call upon God's Grace within us... and trust in It to see us through. By doing so, we can truly make real our dreams... for God's given them to us for that to do! 

Blessings for a Grace-filled, beautiful day!

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