Friday, December 10, 2010

To Be A Mother Is A Gift!

In six days, my precious, sweet, little Baby Girl will be nine months old... and I marvel at how much my life has changed and continues to be blessed in every way since the very day of her birth.  To be a mother is a Gift indeed, a precious Gift from God that I can never thank God enough for, though, I thank Him often, many times throughout each day for the greatest blessing of Motherhood.

My husband and I were blessed very early on in our marriage with the most beautiful Gift of our daughter... it was on our Hawaiian Honeymoon, to be exact that she was conceived, just about a month after we were married and finding out the Good News that day, that God had chosen us to become parents and that I was going to become a mother, by far was one of the happiest days of my life, next to my wedding day and the day of my daughter's birth!

My daughter brings my husband and I and our entire family such JOY and LOVE! She is just such a Blessing... and all children are, and yet, to us, she is the most precious of all. Being a stay at home mom, I cherish all the time we get to spend with one another through each and every, new day. Every waking moment is another wondrous miracle after another... whether it be waking up to the Gift of a new day and her joyous smile... our special time while feeding her, while I pray for her and our family, changing another of her diapers, (when I am especially reminded to whisper, yet another prayer of thanksgiving for her... as there is a plaque above her changing table that reads, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls"), or countless other times throughout the day, for every moment with my daughter is so sacred and beautiful and miraculous!

I have waited a long time for us... prayed endlessly for her... and now she is finally here with me and my husband and it's more than a dream come true! I so look forward to continuing to dream, pray and build our new lives together, with my husband and daughter, as a new wife, new mother and new woman of God!

My life has changed in every way... and for the best... and it just keeps getting better and better! My heart grows more and more and is filled with even more Love for God, my husband, my daughter, myself, my family, and all!

The best is yet to come!

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