Monday, January 24, 2011

"And A Child Shall Lead Them"

So today, I feel inspired to write a little bit more about my personal life in this blog, since that was my original vision for it, so here it goes! :)

I don't know if there are even enough words to describe how much I LOVE being a mother and just how much my precious, little daughter, Audrey Maria has touched and blessed my heart, life and soul! She is the answer to every prayer I've ever prayed, it seems... and my life's greatest Blessing and Miracle! Everyday is a beautiful, new journey and great adventure and I am so very thankful to just live in each moment, in there "here and now," with her to enjoy each and every bit of it!

There are so many things that she is doing now, at ten months old... that just bless my heart every time she does them. She makes me laugh all the time, because she has a really funny and sweet sense of humor and also because she's just so adorable.

Let's see, what are some of the things that she is now doing? Well, she has been saying Ma-Ma, (and sometimes, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma), and Da-Da for quite some time and she knows that she is calling my husband and myself when she says those words which is the cutest! She also has come up with her own sign language for, "come here," or "please give that to me," as she motions little hand towards herself... which always draws all  of our hearts closer to hers! She is crawling all over the place and fast and pulling herself up to standing position at every chance she gets. She is always testing herself and letting go of what she's holding onto to see if she can stand on her own, and one day soon she will be able to. She has two, little, bottom teeth growing in that show every time she smiles because her smile is so big and bright! 

Each and every day, I am reminded of one of my favorite Sacred Scripture verses from Isaiah 11:6... "And a little child shall lead them," because, although I am her mother and am meant to teach her about the world, about God, life and so much more... still, I find her teaching me every single day, in so many ways about so many things, but mostly about God's Love! She is God's Girl, as I like to call her, a Heavenly Princess, because truly, she is a daughter of a Heavenly Father and King. She Loves God very much and honors and fears Him in her own special way! I can see that, already, so clearly and I know that it is my most important job to guard, protect and nurture that ever so beautiful Love and Fear she has in her heart for God. And I pray every day for God's Grace to do so and with it, I will.

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