Sunday, May 1, 2011

Live for God... Shine His Glory... Radiate His Love

God Loves each and every one of us, that is without a doubt and nothing that we do or say can every change that! He hopes that we will Love Him in return, though, even if we don't, He still continues to Love us endlessly, because His Love that He gives freely to us is a gracious Gift, and when God gives a Gift, He gives it forever!

God has created us to shine with all His glory and radiate His Love and Grace... to have new and everlasting Life in Jesus Christ! And the world is truly starving for all that God longs to give it to live, grow, and thrive for all eternity, as we have been created to, though we cannot do it alone and all on our own!

So many people in our world are starving and hungering, for more than just food that will satisfy their bodies for a day, but for the real food, substance that we are created to be sustained by that our hearts and souls cannot live without... the Gifts of God's Love, Light, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Salvation, Peace and Hope!

God has created each of us in His very own image and likeness of Love, not so that we could live apart from Him, but, so that we could live with Him, through Him and in Him, as One... with Him... forever and ever more!

I pray that if you haven't already, that you will join me and countless others in living your life for God... shining with His Glory...  and radiating His Love!  For this is what we were born to do! It's truly what we're created for!

Many blessings in Christ!

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