Saturday, April 30, 2011

Living Healthy, Being Well & Praising God

My husband and I got got back from an amazing workout at the YMCA where we go to work out... (this was our first Bootcamp class together), followed by a wonderful, healthy breakfast... and we both feel great! Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and so it's really important to treat them with the utmost respect and honor, love and care. For when we do so, we are not only showing our honor, respect,  love and care for ourselves, but for those we love and take care of and for God as well.

It's taken me some time to get back into working out and exercising again, like I did before I was pregnant with my daughter, Audrey, and I was told by one of my fitness instructors that it takes a woman's body a good 9 months after delivering her baby to begin getting back "to normal," since it goes through such a transformation in every way, both during pregnancy and in giving birth. And it was only just a few months ago that I found myself really beginning to regain my strength to really work out as strongly as I used to before becoming pregnant.

Something that I have found really helpful in my workouts has been, "Praise!" I love to praise God while I am working out... especially for creating me in His image and likeness of Love and for giving me the strength and desire to live and be healthy, fit, fully alive and well!

God is truly the center of my life! And it is in Him that I find all the strength I need to live the very best and most beautiful life that I know He has created me to live! God Loves us so much, and wants us to be healthy and well, and He knows that by doing so, we will be all the more happy because of it!

May God continue to bless us with the desire to live active, healthy, happy lives and continue to bless us every step of the way with His Grace, Love, and Joy!

Blessings in Christ!

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