Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Ready... He's Coming Soon!

Advent is a special and sacred time of patient waiting, joyful preparation and longing once again, as we do each year, for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ... as a sweet, innocent, loving Child of Peace, Hope, Love, Mercy and Salvation born in Bethlehem so very long ago.

I can't even begin to say how much I am truly enjoying the mystery and wonder of this Advent Season this year, as I unite myself in a special way to Our Blessed Mother Mary, as a mother myself of a beautiful 20 month old daughter and another precious daughter, growing in my womb, due to be born this April!

With all the enthusiasm and Joy that my daughter, Audrey, brings as she awaits her little sister's coming into the world, as she sings to her, "Hush, little baby," and tries to feed her milk to her by holding it to my belly... and so many other, special little things that remind me of the true Joy and Love to come... I REJOICE and praise God, for the miracle of this child of my womb... and the Miracle of the Christ Child, Who comes again this Christmas to be re-born in all of our hearts!

With each delicate movement I feel from my daughter within my womb, I can't help but understand even just a little bit of the Joy and Wonder that Our Blessed Mother Mary must have felt, as She felt sweet, Baby Jesus move about in Her own womb.  For children, in deed, are a true Blessing and Gift from God... and the Miracle of Life is just that... a true miracle.... that is beyond what I have even words to express, though, I plan to continue celebrating it with true Joy all the days of my life!

So, as we continue on in our Advent Journey... making all the special preparations in our homes, though, most especially in our hearts, to celebrate Christ's birth... let's REJOICE all the way.... and share Christ's Joy with all we meet. For He is on the way and coming soon!

Many special Blessings of JOY to you and your family!  :)

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