Friday, April 29, 2011

Lord, Make Me A Blessing To Others Today

Something that I've been praying about for a while now and also trying to put into practice and apply to my life is on a daily basis is... "How can I be a blessing to others today?"  It's a great question to ask ourselves and it's one I am sure makes God very happy as well.

It's important, I believe,  to pray that God will bless others, that He will bless the world with His Love & Grace.   It's also important to ask God to not only bless us, but to make us a blessing, so that we may bless others by being the beautiful, fully alive people that He's created us to be.

We are all sisters and brothers in God's family and we are all interconnected in endless ways. We need each other, just as much as we need God. By living our lives to honor, serve and follow God's ways we may never even know how our kind actions and witness to our Faith may touch and bless the lives of others.

The greatest example and role model we have for this kind of living... (asking God to make us a blessing to others), is truly, Jesus Christ.  He was and still is the One Who we should follow to live our lives as fully alive as we possibly can, to glorify God and praise Him in doing so. 

When Jesus walked and graced the earth, He couldn't help but be a blessing to each and every person He came in contact with. His very life was an eternal blessing to all the world. And now here we are, over 2,000 years later and we are continuing to be called by God to carry out His mission of Love & Blessing as well.

Just imagine all the good we could do in the world by asking God to make us a blessing to others each and every day! I believe that the more we continue to do this... the more it will catch on and like beautiful ripples in the water, endless blessings will flow throughout the earth and perhaps, even reach Heaven as well.

And so, a prayer for today and every day to come: "Lord, Make me a blessing to others today... so I may bless, praise and glorify You in all ways! ~Amen.~

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