Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trusting And Rejoicing In God's Unfailing Love!

God LOVES each and every one of us with a Love so great and big that we might even find it a challenge to comprehend it or imagine just how much He Loves us! God's Love is everlasting... and it's His eternal Gift to us... it stands through the test of time when all else fails.

My heart trusts and rejoices in God's unfailing Love and Gift of salvation. And what a blessed reassurance we all have, who place our hope and trust in God and the Gift of eternal salvation He offers us through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

In this ever changing world that we are living in... we have many alternative options before us and illusions that try to lead us into believing that they can offer us hope and salvation from what sin brought on from the very beginning in The Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and fell for the lie of the enemy. Through, they will not bring our souls salvation. Only God can give us the eternal Gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

My heart longs to reach out and touch the hearts of others, especially through the ministry God has blessed me and my husband with in the Gift of our music. My heart longs to especially reach the hearts of all the youth. I long to reach their hearts with God's message of Love, Hope and salvation... to let them know that there is a very clear and beautiful way in which they can walk, in which they are destined to walk that will surely lead them to eternal Life and bring them, truly, ALL the deep and complete fulfillment that their souls hunger for and seek.

That Way is through Jesus Christ, 'The Door of Everlasting Love!" I pray that through me and my ministry... God will use me to reach their hearts and the hearts of all His people through Jesus Christ. I pray that all God's people will seek His Loving Face and warm embrace and contemplate often how He Loves them.

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