Monday, November 29, 2010

As a Woman of God... I Have Much To Rejoice About!

"Rejoice in the Lord always: and again, I say, Rejoice!" ~ Philippians 4:4

"Rejoice, Rejoice Emmanuel... shall come to thee, Oh Israel!" It's the beautiful Advent season once again! It has just begun, with yesterday being the first Sunday of Advent, beginning the new liturgical year and my heart is already rejoicing! My home is all decorated with Christmasy things... and of course, upon our table we have our beautiful Advent candle bringing the bright Light of Emmanuel, that so reminds us that our God of LOVE is truly with us. 

This year, I am especially excited to experience and travel this Advent Journey because I have my husband and our precious, little daughter to share it with... as well all of my sisters and brothers in Christ! I truly love all of the sacred seasons of our Church, but, Advent, for me is especially special! I really long to embark upon this mystical Faith Journey each new year and really celebrate it as it is meant to be celebrated... with the Love and Joy of Christ in my heart!

I am finding myself more and more these days, (especially since the most amazing experience of giving birth to my beautiful daughter eight and a half months ago), just praising and worshiping God more and well as REJOICING in all the Joy of each new day, as if I have suddenly remembered that this is truly what we are created to do! Indeed we are!

The meaning of Rejoice is to feel joyful; be delighted: rejoiced at the news; rejoiced in her friend's good fortune; To fill with joy; gladden; To have or possess: rejoices in a keen mind. 

And as a Woman of God there is so much for me to feel deeply joyful about... to be delighted about and to delight in... for I rejoice at the Good News of Jesus Christ, Whom is my Savior and Lord of my life and has saved my soul from death and given me the Gift of eternal salvation! Yes... the Gift of Eternal Life I have been given by Him!

And this is much more than good fortune... though, I rejoice in all my friends' and loved ones Gift of Eternal Salvation as well... for this means we shall enjoy together, one day in Heaven, Life everlasting, the Life promised to us by God! My heart has been filled with the Gift of Joy by our God of Love and it overflows... I am deeply gladdened by the miracles of Hope He has brought forth in my life... and my soul, truly possess a Joy so real that no sadness or sorrow or trial could ever take it away! It's been given me by God and is mine and always will be! Amen... Praise God!!!

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