Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks For All God's Blessings

Thanksgiving is almost here and my heart is filled with great praise, Love and gratitude to our God Who has blessed me with every good Gift from Heaven! My family and I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially with the birth of my beautiful and precious daughter, Audrey Maria this past March! She continues to bless our lives in more ways than I even have words to say... with her big, beautiful heart of LOVE and Joy that seems to reach out and touch everyone she meets. 

She is very special... (as all babies are), and continues to bring us all closer to God, as she is already so close to God.  Her Joy for the Gift of Life is infectious... and reminds me too, of how wonderful it is just to be alive, having been given the blessed Gift of Life by God and the precious Gift of Eternal Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ!

Like many other people, and like many of the saints as well, I've lived through and overcome, (with the Grace and help of God), some very challenging, difficult and painful times in my life. Yet, when I meditate upon all the special blessings that God has given me and continues to give me, as I continue to pray to Him on a daily basis and grow in His Grace on my Faith Journey... all of the hurts that I have ever experienced in my life are washed over and continue to be healed by the Life-giving Grace and Love of He Who Loves me with an everlasting Love and is forever drawing me to journey closer to His Sacred Heart!

What seem to be disappointments in my past continue to be transformed by God's unfailing Love and Grace into spiritual catalysts that have all brought me to an ever deeper conversion in Christ, Jesus as I continue to be transformed by God's Love and Grace into the true person He's created me to be. I Love Him with all my heart and soul and being and praise Him always for all the Love and kindness He has shown me and blessed me with. 

I also continue to learn more and more with each new day, how to Love better and greater all my sisters and brothers in God's family as we are all called to do. My daughter has by far become my greatest teacher for this... and this is just one of the countless reasons why I am so thankful for her!

I am thankful too, for my vocation as a Catholic, Christian wife and mother and daughter of God as well as His servant, called to Love and serve Him and His people through the ministry He's given me... as I continue to share this Journey with my husband as well... as we, "Share the Gift of God's Love through the beautiful Gift of Music" that He inspires in our hearts!

We are created to Love and praise and serve God, while we continue to love others as ourselves. It is the ultimate sacred vocation of us all... and this is what gives my heart true Joy! I will continue to do so with thanksgiving and praise in my heart for God... and in some small way, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! May everyday be Thanksgiving in our hearts for all of God's endless Blessings!

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